Cash Bond vs. Surety Bond


Cash Bond vs. Surety BondWhen it comes to posting bail you generally have two main options, a cash bond or a surety bond. When using a cash bond you are putting up the full amount of cash to the jail or court system, assuming you will get (most of) it back once the case is resolved. A surety bond is when you pay a small premium to a bondsman to post the defendant's bail. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of bond.

Advantages of Cash Bond

Cash bonds are very simple to understand as it simply takes putting up the full bail amount and the defendant is released. A majority of this is returned, less any court costs, and there is no need to qualify for this type of bond.

Disadvantages of Cash Bond

The hardest part about cash bonds is coming up with the large amount of cash needed. In many cases bail can be set at $10,000, or more, even for relatively small crimes. It may reach up into the $100,000s for some felony charges, such as rape or murder. Another issue is that you may not get all of your money back once the trial is over, as the state may keep some for court fees and to pay any debts owed to the state by the defendant, including taxes, child support and other issues.

Advantages of Surety Bond

The biggest advantage of a surety bond is their affordability. The person posting bail for the defendant just needs to come up with enough cash or other collateral to pay a small percentage of the total fee. The person than has no cash at risk of being lost to the state during the trial period.

Disadvantages of Surety Bond

The main disadvantage of a surety bond is that you will not get any of your money back. The fee paid to the bondsman is non-refundable, but this lowers the risk of losing your money should the defendant not show up for court. People also need to apply for bonds, as they are not handed out to just anyone, as the bond agency needs to be sure they are making a smart transaction.

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