How to Get a Bail Bond After Regular Business Hours


If you find yourself having to post bail for someone it is likely that you got the initial call sometime in the evening or late at night. Many arrests occur outside of regular business hours, which may seem like it would make it impossible to get your loved one released from jail within a few hours. However, there are ways to get their bail posted in a fast and affordable manner. The longer you wait to initiate posting their bail, the longer they will be sitting in a cell. The first thing you will want to do to ensure they are released in a timely manner is locate a professional bail bond business that operates 24 hours a day.

Find a bail bond agency that is open 24/7

It will actually be relatively simple to find a bail bond business that operates day and night, as most do. The important thing is to find a business that will be able to take care of your needs in a professional, discreet manner, without charging you outrageous hidden fees. To get the best service find a bail bond company that has been operating for numerous decades and ensure they are licensed and insured. You don't want to get caught up doing business with an illegitimate company. They should offer numerous payment options and take different methods for down payment, such as credit cards, check or cash.

Call their 24 hour phone number

Once you have found a trustworthy bail bond company you should be able to contact them via a 24 hour phone line. This may or may not be their normal business telephone number. In some circumstances you will need to leave a message and ask for a call back, of which your call will be returned very shortly. You will need to provide the bail bondsman with all of the information necessary to begin the bail process, including the inmate's name, birthday, the jail they are at and the charges they are facing. With this information the bondsman can put together the paperwork to get your loved one freed once the bail bond payment of around 10 percent of the total bail cost has been processed.

Use their online service request form

The other option is to use the bail bond company's assistance request form. This can be found on their website. It is a quick form and it will be sent straight to an available agent who can contact you right away to start the bail process.

At Liberty Bail Bonds we have been offering 24 hour bail bonds in California and all over the nation for more than 30 years. No matter what jail your love one is in we can issue a bail bond to get them out. Give our 24 hour phone line a call at (855) 279-8433 to request a bail bond in California or anywhere nationwide!

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