What are the most common crimes in America?


Outside of drug possession, four of the five top crimes in the United States all have something in common, the taking of someone's properly. If you are interested in what the most common crimes are and how to define them, this is the list for you. If someone you know has been arrested for any of these crimes you will more than likely be able to get them out of jail by posting their bail. Let's learn a bit more about these crimes.


In the most basic sense theft occurs when there is an unauthorized taking of property from another with no intent to return it. In most cases theft is considered a small dollar crime, as it may include any type of personal property.


Burglary is most often associated with theft, but there is one major difference, nothing has to actually be stolen to be charged with burglary. Burglary is the unlawful entry into a structure, such as a business or home, with the intent to commit a crime inside. So while many burglaries do involve theft, they are two separate crimes.


The difference between robbery and theft is physical violence or through use of fear, such as brandishing a weapon (armed robbery). Basically, if you left your wallet on a table while eating at a restaurant and someone came by and took it when you were not looking, it would be theft. If someone came up to you and demanded your wallet in a threatening manner that would be a robbery.

Motor Vehicle Theft

According to some reports car thefts account for more than ten percent of all crimes committed annually in the United States. This equates to more than 1 million cars and trucks being stolen each year.

Aggravated Assault

Of all crimes reported in the United States 7 percent of them are aggravated assaults. This charge can be defined as an attack on a person with the intent to cause grave injury. It may or may not involve a weapon.

The top 5 crimes may be surprising, but what may be more surprising is having someone you care about get arrested for one of them, or another crime. If someone you care about has been arrested and you need a bail bond in Santa Rosa or throughout California or the rest of the United States get in touch with the team of Liberty Bail Bonds. To learn more about bail bonds or for assistance posting bail in California or elsewhere give us a call at (855) 279-8433 right away.

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