I Posted Bail for Someone, but they Skipped Court. What do I do?


By posting bail for someone you are doing them a giant favor. Being free while waiting for upcoming court dates allows the defendant many liberties, including work closely with a lawyer in order to put together their best defense case. There's also a good chance that by being released from jail prior court the suspect will be able to keep their job and they will not miss out on any other obligations. However, should you post bail for a person it is important that you completely trust them. While it is rare, skipping bail does occur. This means the person who was bailed out purposely misses their court dates. If the person you bailed out does this there are a few things you should do immediately.

Contact the Bail Bond Agency

If a person skips court the bail bond agency will face financial liability for the rest of the bail amount. This means there is a good possibility they will offer numerous options for helping to find a defendant that did not appear. As soon as you learn a person you had bailed out of jail has skipped court be sure to contact the bail agency. You will want to give them as much info as possible so they can help find the defendant. When a person skips court a warrant will almost always be issued for their arrest, so the police likely are already aware of the situation and will be on the lookout for the defendant as well.

Don't Harbor the Criminal

Harboring a fugitive is a serious offense that may end up with you needing your own bail money. If the person you bailed out does skip out on their court date there's a chance the police and/or bail bondsman will show up at your residence while trying to locate them. This in itself does not mean you are in any trouble. Be sure you are cooperating with police and other people who are involved in searching for the defendant and you'll be protecting yourself from being accused of harboring the fugitive.

Lastly, if the person that you posted bail for has mentioned that they won't be attending court be sure to inform them of all the negative consequences of doing so. Remind them that they will be arrested again, likely owe large fees to the courts and they won't be getting bailed out again due to their high flight risk! If you have any questions about bail bonds in California or nationwide don't hesitate to contact Liberty Bail Bonds. We offer expert bail services and are happy to discuss any questions that you may have and give you the best advice regarding any situation that has arose from posting bail. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (855) 279-8433. We look forward to working with you to issue bail bonds in San Francisco and throughout California.

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Written By Brian Corey

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