Why Post Bail for Someone?


Why Post Bail for Someone?If your loved one gets arrested you may feel like they deserve to be in jail for as long as possible. However it is important to remember that under US law people who are arrested and charged with a crime are actually innocent until proven guilty. For this reason bail is a legal option afforded to all people arrested in America. Bail is essentially insurance that states a person will show up to each and every one of their scheduled court dates after being released, and if they don't, the person who put up the money to have them released loses it and a warrant will be issued for the defendant's release. However, by using a bail bond you will only pay a small one time fee. So what are the real benefits of posting bail for someone?

It gives them the ability to seek legal counsel

When a person is arrested they may not be able to find the best possible attorney for their case. They may simply be assigned a court appointed lawyer with a lack of experience. When on the outside the person can find the right lawyer for them and work closely to put together a case that will have a favorable outcome.

They can continue with day to day life

If the defendant works or is in school they are likely going to get fired or fall behind if they have to remain behind bars any longer than necessary. It can take weeks or more for a court case to begin and all that time the new defendant will have to sit in jail. By bailing them out there is a chance that they can work out a deal with their boss for post court employment or collect the necessary assignments to stay in line at school.

Prep for life after court

If it appears the defendant may have to return to jail after their court case the time they spend outside the bars before that will give them the opportunity to prepare for their sentence. As mentioned, they can make arrangements with their work or school, but they can also get home and family matters in order.

They are awarded the freedom they have a right to

One of the most important things to remember is that by law a person is innocent until proven guilty, which means they shouldn't have to spend any time behind bars until a court shows they've done something illegal. Unfortunately that isn't quite how the justice department works and getting out of jail takes a bit of effort, even before they're found guilty.

If someone you care about has been arrested and you need to post bail in California or throughout the nation, reach out to Liberty Bail Bonds. We offer fast, affordable bail bonds services around the US. Give our team a call day or night at (855) 279-8433 to request a California bail bond.

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