A Simple Guide to Using a Bail Bond


A Simple Guide to Using a Bail BondIf it has come to your attention that someone you care about has been arrested and is facing criminal charges you may be curious what you can do to help. Perhaps the most beneficial thing that can be done is posting their bail. When out on release prior to their court appearances a defendant can seek legal help, continue working and take care of any personal issues prior to court. So how do you post bail with a bail bond? The following is a quick rundown of the process.

Contacted by Defendant

More than likely you heard that your loved one was locked up because they called you from jail. Use this conversation to console them and let them know you are their for them and you'll help them during this tough time.

Collect Information

While on the phone with them you will need to collect a bit of information if you plan on getting them released on bail. Find out what jail they are at, what their booking number is, what charges they are facing and if you don't already have it, their full legal name and date of birth.

Find a Bail Bond Agency

Next you will want to find a trustworthy bail bond agency. The top traits of a professional agency include 24/7 bail bond service, simple payment plans, licensed and insured, and can assist with bonds for any type of charges.

Pay the Premium

Once you have located a professional bail bond agency you will need to contact them and provide them with the information you have about the defendant. At this point you will be asked to pay a premium, or arrange for some other sort of payment, such as collateral, in order to post the bond.

Pick up Defendant

Once the bond is posted you will be notified of when you can pick up the defendant. Once they are in your custody it is your responsibility to ensure that they make it to each and every one of their upcoming court dates. Should they miss one a warrant will be issued for their arrest and they could be returned to jail.

When you need a bail bond in San Francisco or throughout California be sure to talk to the team at Liberty Bail Bonds. We strive to provide the highest quality bail bond service in the nation. Give us a call 24/7 at (855) 279-8433 to request a bail bond in California.

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