Three Things to Know if You're Arrested


Three Things to Know if You're ArrestedIt is easy to think, "I don't break the law, so I won't be arrested," but the thing is, you may end up in cuffs even if you didn't know you were doing anything wrong. You may end up on the wrong piece of property during a hunting trip, resulting in trespassing charges, or take part in a peaceful, yet unlawful protest that results in your arrest. So while you may be on the good side of the law, there is always a chance that something doesn't go as planned, and lands you under arrest.

There are several important things to remember though, should an officer of the law place you under arrest for any sort of crime, even if you know you are innocent.

Don't Consent to a Search

If you are under arrest, or even if an officer is imply questioning you about a crime that you may have witnessed or they suspect you participated in, they could ask to search your clothes or any possessions you have with you. If they don't have a warrant, you have every right to decline their request. In most cases, an officer will only ask for permission to search your stuff if they don't have any legal right to do so. At this point, you can also ask "Am I free to go?" If the officer says yes, you can (and probably should) leave.

Don't Resist or Run

Should you find yourself being detained or being told that you're under arrest do not in any circumstances run or resist. First off, if you're actually innocent, you have nothing to worry about, and running or fighting with an officer will only result in additional charges filed against you.

Silence is Golden

When placed under arrest you will be read your Miranda Rights. The first right is the right to remain silent, which is something you should exercise. The only reason to open your mouth is to ask for a lawyer. Do not give into any pressure or tricks that an officer may pull to get you to confess or provide them with information.

If you end up being brought into a station you will want to call a lawyer as soon as possible, and then either contact a bail bond agency directly, or have your lawyer or another loved one do so on your behalf.

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