What is the bail process?


What is the bail process?If someone you care about has been arrested it is likely that you will want to get them out of jail as soon as possible. In order to have them released you will need to post their bail using a cash or surety bail bond. However, you can't post their bail right away. Let's look at the steps involved with posting bail for a friend or loved and we will talk about what happens after the release is completed.

Arrest occurs

Your loved one has been arrested as a suspect for a crime. Following just about any arrest the suspect will be taken to the local police station for booking.


Following transport to the police station the defendant will need to go through arraignment. This will occur either the same day or the next morning following the arrest, depending on the time of the day. At the arraignment the defendant will hear the charges against them and a bail amount will be determined by the judge or the bail fee schedule, whichever the local department uses for such matters.

Post bail

At this point the defendant can be bailed out of jail. This will either be done by paying the full amount to the jail (which can be a very expensive up front cost, but you do get all or most of your money back after the case settles) or by using a bail bond from a professional bail agency. This usually involves a one time fee of about 10 percent of the total bail cost.

Court dates

After the defendant is released they must not miss any of their scheduled court days, or else a warrant will be issued for their arrest and they will be returned to jail and likely denied further bail. Once the case is settled, meaning they have been found guilty or innocent, the case will be concluded and there will be no more responsibility given to the person who originally posted bail.

If you have any questions about posting bail in California be sure to contact Liberty Bail Bonds. Our team will be happy to work with you to ensure that your loved one is released from jail quickly and affordably. To request a bail bond in San Francisco or elsewhere in the state give us a call at bail bonds. Call Liberty Bail Bonds at (855) 279-8433.

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