What services are provided by a bail bonds company?


What services are provided by a bail bonds company?After you've been arrested and charged, you might not be able to get back to your family and job without the help of a bail bondsman. And as long as you're diligent about making it to your court dates, the bulk of the bond money will ultimately be returned to you. Because a bail bondsman plays such a critical role in helping ensure that you're able to get out of jail, and also deals with large sums of money, you'll want to be sure that you choose a reputable company. Here's a look at five services provided by a highly experienced bail bondsman in Santa Rosa, California.

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Because misdemeanor charges typically imply that you're not an immediate threat to others, the bail is usually more affordable. Common misdemeanor charges include vandalism, driving offenses, and petty theft.

Felony Bail Bonds

When facing such serious charges, your bail may be set sky high---or could even be denied outright. Felony charges that often involve the use of a bail bond company include armed robbery, grand theft auto, and murder.

Possession Bail Bonds

Even as some drug laws are loosened in some states, arrests for possession are still incredibly common. In the event that you face possession charges, you'll want a bail bond company that knows how to get you out as soon as possible.

DUI Bail Bonds

Drunk driving charges are also very commonplace, but nonetheless are serious. A bail bondsman can help to get you out so you can get started on figuring out how to best work through the legal process.

24/7 Bail Bonds in Santa Rosa

Whether at high noon or the middle of the night, you need someone who will ready for you when you need them.

If you're in need of a bail bond, be sure to get in touch with a reputable company. For bail bonds in Santa Rosa and Sonoma, CA, the experts to contact are at Liberty Bail Bonds at (855) 279-8433. Go ahead and give Liberty Bail Bonds a call anytime day or night!

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