What to Know About Sobriety Checkpoints


What to Know About Sobriety CheckpointsFirst things first, don't drink and drive, ever. Now that that has been said, if you do somehow find yourself passing through a DUI checkpoint it is integral that you understand a few things about what is happening here. Knowing this info can help you understand what a sobriety/ DUI checkpoint is for and assist in keeping you calm throughout the process. These checkpoints are basically small blockades that are set up in the road in order to stop every driver check for those who are driving while intoxicated. Here's a few must know facts about DUI checkpoints.

DUI Checkpoints Must be Marked

If you're ever driving down the street and suddenly find yourself stopped by a policeman standing in the road it may not even occur to you that you're heading into a DUI patrol zone, but it is possible A DUI checkpoint has to have proper lighting, marked patrol cars, signage and other protocol to be considered legal.

Officers Must be Identifiable

As with the DUI checkpoint itself, the officers involved must be easily identifiable and inform you who they are as soon as they begin talking with you. The police officer should be wearing their uniform, badge and any necessary safety gear. This may include a reflective vest, especially if the checkpoint is being conducted at night.

Neutral Investigation

Each driver needs to be treated exactly the same at the beginning of a DUI checkpoint investigation. Officers can't dismiss you because it is obvious you have not been drinking, and they cannot assume that you have been, even if you appear intoxicated. Should you fail the initial tests it is likely they will have you pull your vehicle over and conduct additional testing to determine your sobriety, or lack thereof.

Every State has Different Standards

Not all states conduct DUI checkpoints. For example, California does, but Texas does not. However, DUIs are issued in all states and they are one of the most common crimes to be charged with. If you find yourself passing through a DUI checkpoint and have been drinking just take the tests to the best of your ability, it's all you can really do at that point.

If you end up booked for a DUI, whether at a checkpoint of because you were pulled over elsewhere, you'll want to connect with a bail bond agency to get you out of jail as soon as possible so you can work with a lawyer on your case. If you need a DUI bail bond in California or anywhere in the nation reach out to Liberty Bail Bonds. Because we work across the country we can ensure that we are able to issue a bail bond in your state that meets local laws. To learn more about posting bail in California or elsewhere give our friendly team a call at (855) 279-8433 and we'll happily have you on your way.

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What to Know About Sobriety Checkpoints
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