When is Bail Denied?


When is Bail Denied?Following an arrest a person will be taken into custody at the local precinct and then booked accordingly. Once the paperwork is in order the defendant will be providing a bail hearing, where they will find out what their bail amount is set at. In most cases the bail amount will be relatively low, especially for misdemeanor crimes. However, felonies, and some other circumstances, could see a person be denied bail. Here are five common reasons that could occur.

Repeat Offender

If a person is being charged with a crime that they have previously been convicted of, or while they are out on parole, or have a long rap sheet, they may be denied bail. The suspect will generally be denied bail in this case because the judge sees that they are more likely to offend again if let free.

Flight Risk

If a person suspected of a crime displays erratic behavior in holding or in court, they may be denied bail because of their likeliness to flee. The person may have a history of running from the law or have made statements that would cause the judge to think twice about letting them out on bail.

Severity of Crime

In severe and violent cases it is likely that the judge will deny the person bail. This is for the safety of both the suspect and other people who may have been involved in the crime.

Danger to Society

If the person under arrest is seen as a threat to society it is likely that the judge will deny their bail. This is because the judge does not want to put anyone else in harm's way. This ruling generally comes after a murder or other severe crime has been committed.

The final bail ruling is up to the judge. If you need more information about how bail works in California or around the nation, don't hesitate to contact Liberty Bail Bonds. We offer professional bail bond services nationwide. To learn more about how we can help you or to request a bail bond in California give us a call at (855) 279-8433 today.

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