Should you bail someone out of jail?


Should you bail someone out of jail?For many people it is a request that comes in the form of a late night phone call. The ring of the telephone ends dreams as a scared voice begins to talk into the ear of the newly awaken. The conversation that follows is generally brief, but almost always includes a question that goes something like, "I've been arrested, can you post bail for me?" The person receiving the phone call likely have many more questions regarding the circumstances of the situation, but when it comes down to it, they must answer the question, yes or no.

How would you know if you should post bail for a someone who has reached out to you for your help? First off, you need to be able to completely trust the new defendant. Answer these questions about the person to better understand who they are and their ability to be trusted to not skip court or leave town once released.

Is the defendant currently employed?

Studies have shown that people who are employed are less likely to skip their day(s) in court than those who are not employed or move between jobs often. Steady and gainful employment is a good sign that this person won't skip bail.

Does this person have a roof over their head?

Another issue to be weary of is the person's housing situation. If they jump from couch to couch or are in and out of housing there is a greater chance of them missing their court date, which will result in a warrant being issued for their arrest.

Does the defendant have a criminal history?

If this person is constantly in and out of jail then chances are their bail amount will be quite high. This is because even the court knows there is a bigger risk of them fleeing after being released on bail.

What crime are they accused of?

Some crimes are more heinous than others, so it is important to take note of what crime they are being accused of. A person who may have committed a serious crime is shown to be more likely to flee if released on bail. Those who found themselves locked up for something that occurred during a long night out on the town or some other misdemeanor issue are much more likely to take responsibility for their own actions.

It is a tough decision, whether or not to post bail for someone. But the benefits of doing so for the defendant are huge, so it's a question that needs to be taken seriously. If you need to post bail in California or throughout the United States contact Liberty Bail Bonds, as we can post bail bonds anywhere in the country! To learn more about our services or to request a California bail bond please give us a call right away at (855) 279-8433.

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